Zach Deputy : Backstage & Unplugged at All Good Music Festival (VIDEO)

zach deputy12.jpgIn the world of one man bands, Zach Deputy has set himself apart from his competition. He has not done so through gimmicks or other trivial means. Rather, he has done so through honest – though sometimes hilarious – songwriting, funky sincerity in delivery and a discreet vocal prowess that is reminiscent of a blended Ray Charles/Aaron Neville milkshake.

A large mammal, Deputy has the stature of an offensive lineman with the demeanor and overall affect of a teddy bear. It is the latter that takes precedence in his music and also what makes him a guy to which one can be easily drawn.

While on the scene at All Good, Honest Tune’s David Shehi and Rex Thomson got Deputy out from behind his stage contraption and into his backstage tent with nothing but his acoustic guitar and voice for a soulful helping of “Dr. Doctor.”


Zach Deputy : “Dr. Doctor” Backstage & Unplugged @ All Good Music Festival

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