Zach Deputy, 7/6/12

Zach Deputy
Eddie’s Attic
Decatur, GA
July 6, 2012



Minus his contraption and armed with only acoustic guitar and ukulele, Zach Deputy brought his unique style and humor to Decatur GA . With a capacity of approximately 180, the quaint Eddie’s Attic afforded those gathered with a listener friendly atmosphere that was very befitting of the night’s banter-filled festivities that included tales of wieners, bath salts and fondue.

In spite of the minimalist approach, Zach managed to rock the crowd with familiar tunes such as “Dr. Doctor” and “Saint Croix” interspersed with fresh ditties from Another Day, Deputy’s 2011 release.What was perhaps most musically interesting was Zach’s decision to roll through virtually his entire set on ukulele in the wake of a broken guitar string; it provided true testament to his improvisational nature.

In short, this second of two Eddie’s Attic shows for the day was a true treat from all angles. With lyrics becoming the core focus and in-between number conversation with the crowd ruling the night, it was a fantastic display of two of the things that make Zach Deputy the special talent and player that he is — his authenticity in demeanor and overall delightful personality… and that amazing voice that you never see coming. 




Dr. Doctor, Home, Real, Pillow, Fondue You  (unfinished), Beautiful Morning, You Don’t Even Love That Girl, Weiner, Saint Croix, Sanctuary, Another Day, Would I Still Love You, Georgia/Blue Improv, Fresh Street


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