Younger Brother : Vaccine


Progressive, atmospheric, electronic:  Indeed, these three words describe UK-bred band Younger Brother efficiently enough. But with a cult-like British following (think 2003’s classic A Flock of Bleeps), it’s clear that the band can’t be limited to such descriptions. Its fast-track fifth effort, Vaccine, breaks free of confining categories – with success, and occasionally, dissonance.

Chris Martin meets Bon Iver on “Crystalline,” the soaring, yet frantic, first track. The band borrows Coldplay’s trademark choruses and Justin Vernon’s famed falsetto in an odd, yet strangely satisfying sample of what’s to come. “Shine” quickly shifts to a seemingly synth-y, ‘80s-esque dance track. Low-key verses ready a yearning, earnest chorus where the falsetto, quite fittingly, shines. This apt success continues on the drum-centric “Pound a Rhythm” and Incubus-lite offering, “Safety in Numbers.”

This penchant for mish-mash, however, isn’t always a success. The disc’s latter half often overwhelms with excess electronica (“Spinning into Place”), stale and static beats (“System 700”), and a lightweight ending (“Tetris”).

Vaccine is out now on Twisted Records.