Yonder’in down to Atlanta

Yonder Mountain String Band

The Tabernacle

Atlanta, Georgia

February 16, 2007


Yonder Mountain String Band made a stop in Atlanta in the midst of their 2007 Cabin Fever tour.  Playing to a packed house at the Tabernacle, the boys from Colorado had fiddle player Darol Anger with them and delivered a great set full of originals, traditionals, and covers.

Set 1: Lord Only Knows (Part 1) > Bolton Stretch, Boatman's Dance, Ride The Wild Turkey, Years With Rose, Fingerprint, New Deal Train, Another Day, High On A Hilltop, I'd Like Off > Mother's Only Son

Set 2: If There's Still Ramblin' In The Rambler (Let Him Go) > How 'Bout You > Ramblin' Reprise, Yes She Do (No She Don't), 40 Miles From Denver, Free To Run, Queen Of The Earth > Snow On The Pines > On The Run >  Southbound > On The Run > Snow On The Pines

Encore: Going Where They Do Not Know My Name, At The End Of The Day, Jesus On The Mainline > 2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown > Jesus On the Mainline


photos by Aaron Williams / www.flickr.com/photos/adub/sets