Yonder Mountain String Band, 11/8/11

Yonder Mountain String Band
The Vogue
Indianapolis, IN
November 8, 2011


The line of concert attendees that stretched outside of the Vogue and down the avenue on a Tuesday night in Broad Ripple, Indiana was to be expected for the progressive jamgrass boys of Yonder Mountain String Band.  As the excited throng of gatherers made their way into the venue, the anxious energy was in the air… all expecting a night that they hoped would be filled with the splendid notes and gracious expansive jams that they have come to expect from the Nederland natives. In short, none would leave disappointed.

As the band members took the stage, Jeff Austin, the resident headbanging mandolin player, gave the crowd a hearty hello and rhetorically asked if folks were ready. The hoots, howls, and screamed yells “of yes,” hell yeah,” and the like hopefully gave him the answer he was seeking.

Within a few tinkles of acoustic strings being tuned, banjo player, Dave Johnston broke out in the opening rolls of “Keep On Goin” as Austin’s vocals warmed and found their way into tune and stand up bass player Ben Kaufmann’s enthusiasm could be felt as the clacking of his slap-style solo ripped through the Vogue. And this was just the beginning.

As the evening progressed, Adam Aijala’s presence was ever felt as this musically non-competitive band functioned as a unit, with the crowd as an ever-present fifth member.

It was a night of Yonder goodness and one that is made at seemingly every stop for these fine lads known as Yonder Mountain String Band make their way from city to city, night after glorious night.



I: Keep on Goin, Sidewalk Stars, Keep On Goin, Kentucky Mandolin, Fingerprint, Country Boy Rock and Roll, Pride of Alabama, 40 Miles From Denver, Pockets, And Your Bird Can Sing, Ruby
II: Casualty, Ragdoll, Ripcord Blues, Pretty Daughter, On The Run, East Nashville Easter, On The Run, Idaho, Angel, Snow On The Pines, Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie, Snow On  The Pines
Encore: Holdin, Sideshow Blues


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Yonder Mountain String Band
11/8/11 Vogue Theater, Indianapolis, IN
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