Yeasayer : Odd Blood


“Sunrise,” the opening single on Yeasayer’s debut, All Hour Cymbals, was a fitting prelude of the music that was to come. Emerging with a  with a warm hook, rolling bass, and a fresh electro-vibe, the single cast listeners into the tribal, experimental, and oft-abstract world of the Brooklyn trio. It was far out, yet cohesive enough to engage, a puzzle in which the pieces fit together more comfortably with each listen.

Rather than spelunk further into the mysterious depths of its sound, Yeasayer has chosen to bounce backwards down the rabbit  hole on its sophomore release, Odd Blood. Starting with its most abstract piece “The Children,” the band slathers the kaleidoscope paint that invigorated “Sunrise” across the remaining nine tracks. And it has been a perpetual tease; Yeasayer has flirted,  pre-empting the album’s release with the singles “Ambling Alp” and “O.N.E.,” and is now putting out with the precision throb of “Madder Red” and the viral, clubland synths of “Love Me Girl.”

On “Ambling Alp”, Chris Keating sings, “You must stick up for yourself son, Nevermind what anybody else done,” it is a lesson taught from experience and success. Yeasayer has stepped into a their own new world, and Odd Blood is an invitation to join in for an extended stay. I am in.

 Odd Blood is out now on Secretly Canadian.