Yeasayer : Fragrant World

If All Hour Cymbals was Yeasayer’s debutante coming-out, and Odd Blood was its experimental party trip, then Fragrant world, the trio’s third long-player, presents a band settling into its own psychedelic buzz.

Easing into the Jell-O with the squishy “Fingers Never Bleed,” Yeasayer does its thing and does it well: blend multi-color synths with a throbbing, shifting bass to channel throbbing rock songs with a growing emotional connection. It’s true; the steely swirls erupt on “Henrietta,” and “Reagan’s Skeleton” is primed and ready for the dance floor, a lush, energized song set that gets headier by the listen.

Fragrant World is still Yeasayer, and that means it is original enough to captivate listeners. But it is the sound of settling, rather than a push into the supernatural that’s expected from such diviners. Fresh? Not so much. Disappointing? Not at all.

Fragrant World is out now on Secretly Canadian.