Yarn : Almost Home

Yarn’s latest, Almost Home, is perhaps the most melancholy album the band has recorded, but it’s also the most rocking. Songs about women, whiskey, and all that comes with love and liquor abound here.

From the opening riffs of “Dirt Road,” about a drifter looking for something to cling to or hold, to the sobering, “Tired of Everything,” Yarn sound collectively strong yet cynical of the weariness of the world.

Listening to Almost Home will make you think that there’s no way these boys reside in Brooklyn. Its is much more southern and invokes all the best elements of standard Nashville alt-country mixed with Drive-By Truckers grit.

There are many different flavors here. “Desperate Amy” has a bluegrassy mandolin break amidst what could be considered a typical country tune.  “Heart Worth Breaking” contains saloon-style barroom piano, and album closer “Fussin’ and Fightin’” has a cocaine refrain.

No matter what you like in your booze music, Yarn has you covered on this one.

Almost Home is out now.