Wrinkle Neck Mules: The Wicks Have Met

Somewhere between rock, country, and Americana stands the Wrinkle Neck Mules. 

With their new offering, The Wicks Have Met, the Richmond, Virginia act have managed to put out a diverse yet cohesive disc that's sure to please fans of any genre.

Kicking off with "Bells & Whistles," a rocking tune fit for a Budweiser and shot of bourbon, the disc immediately grabs your ear with its catchy hook.

If you're a fan of ballads, this disc's got enough to satisfy, while "Black Skies for the High & Mighty" is great bluegrass with drums, replete with great mandolin and banjo work.

"Cadillac Limousine" will satisfy fans of Son Volt, with Jay Farrar-esque vocal delivery.  The pedal steel work from Mason Brent really adds texture to the tune, one of the stand-outs on the CD.

Chase Head' banjo work shines on "The Whistler Knows Best," another great bluegrass-y track.

The disc closes as strong as it opens; "Broken Rider" is a great track across the board, from the guitar and mandolin work to another great pedal steel solo from Brent.

The Mules really do a great job of breaking up the slower and faster-paced tunes, saving the disc from lagging.  It's bluegrass, then ballad, then rock, all capably handled, to mesh into one great listen.

There may be another, harder-rocking act that most think of when they hear "Mule," but it won't be long before this Wrinkle Neck band is on the tips of tongues across the country.