Woods-Bend Beyond

Woods : Bend Beyond

Woods-Bend Beyond

Since forming in 2005, Brooklyn based Woods have released an astonishing amount of music, averaging roughly one full-length album release per year.  This is quite an achievement for any band, but what’s more impressive than the sheer output of music is the overall quality of what’s being put out.

Woods have a unique and diverse sound, and it’s that diversity that takes center stage on their most recent release, Bend Beyond.  The album opens with the interestingly spacey title track, “Bend Beyond.” Garage rock riffs and pentatonic scale wah-pedal jams abound here, with a nice trippy break thrown in for good measure. From there we’re taken to the upbeat jangly pop of “Cali in a Cup,” complete with harmonica reminiscent of Harvest-era Neil Young.  “Is it Honest?” continues the Laurel Canyon trend, but offers a curveball with the unanticipated lyrics, “it’s so fucking hard to see…”

In spectacular contrast to the ‘70s sounding folk numbers, there are some tracks that sound like a completely different band than the one described above.  “Cascade” is a noisy, psychedelic romp. “Find Them Empty” is fiery and disorienting, and album closer “Something Surreal” plays like a lullaby.

Woods have been prolific since their inception in 2005.  Bend Beyond is a culmination of what they’ve been working for years as a band.  Do yourself a favor and check Woods out.  Start with Bend Beyond, and if you dig it, work backward.  You won’t be disappointed.

Bend Beyond is out now on Woodsist.