Wintersleep : New Inheritors


Wintersleep’s New Inheritors is one of those albums that slips into regular iPod rotation, unassuming and relatively unannounced, only to spread like spilt wine on a laptop keyboard. Quite frankly, I am a sticky mess.

New Inheritors is the fourth release from this quintet from Halifax Nova Scotia, a fitting birthplace for the band’s crisp and icy sound. But slumber is slow in the making, and the album creeps through the first two tracks – “Experience the Jewel” and “Encyclopedia”  – like a stress-filled attempt at rest. They are fine introductions, but lack the punch of the album once it hits its stride with the title track, Paul Murphy’s cool vocals conforming to the silvery instrumental paths. Highs include the prickling “Black Camera” and somber “Mausoleum”  which are stoic, but with an emotionally attached perspective akin to an introverted, brooding character that watches the world through cartoon eyes.

New Inheritors is truly addictive, the initial tone morphing like an Escher work that appears literal at first glance, but erupts with detail after a moderate stare. Wintersleep comes on slowly, but just relax, be patient, and vivid dreams will truly materialize. 

New Inheritors is self-released, and it is out now.