Willie Nile : House of a Thousand Guitars

willie_nile_1000_guitars.jpgWillie Nile continues his winning streak to become the comeback kid of the decade with the album House of a Thousand Guitars. After his electrifying return on Streets of New York, Nile recreates the pop/rock sheen of that disc on Thousand Guitars with stunning results.

Somber folk turns like "Now That the War is Over" and "Her Love Falls Like Rain" mix with the intricate time changes on "Doomsday Dance" and "Run" to produce cohesive roots-oriented classic. Stretching out on "Give Me Tomorrow" and "Magdalena," Nile combines Clash-type anthems with incisive, Beatles-infused instrumentation and hooks. Tapping a tight backing unit, the Worry Dolls, consisting of Andy York (John Mellencamp) on guitar, Brad Albetta (Sean Lennon) on bass and Rich Pagano (Rosanne Cash, Patti Smith) on drums, Nile finds the rhythmic power within "Touch Me" and "Little Light."

Produced by Nile, Frankie Lee, Stewart Lerman, Albetta, Pagano and Hirsh Gardner, House of a Thousand Guitars cements Willie Nile’s unyielding artistic vision, placing him alongside the top singer/songwriter greats of all time.   

House of a Thousand Guitars is out now on River House Records.