Will Kimbrough comes down with a case of “Americanitis”

Will Kimbrough

Southgate House

Newport, Kentucky

December 16, 2006


Nashville singer-songwriter Will Kimbrough is one of the most underrated composers to emerge out of Todd Snider's band of Nervous Wrecks in the 1990's.  Gracing the stage at Newport, Kentucky's Southgate House on December 16, Kimbrough was touring in support of his release Americanitis, a biting, whip-smart crackle of an album that grooves with an alluring insistency.

Kimbrough the musician remains unmatched after several extended tours with Rodney Crowell and Snider.  His prowess on guitar alone is well worth the price of admission.  And, his bruising take on Home Away's "A Piece of Work" found the string bender's reverberations bouncing around the Southgate House's echoing inner walls.

Focusing tightly on Americanitis, Kimbrough swayed the crowd through the confessional "I Lie" and the double edged blade inherent on "Act Like Nothing's Wrong."

Touching upon a bit of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Kimbrough proved himself to a master entertainer and headliner, wooing the Southgate's patrons with a riveting take on Americanitis' gem, the slow burning "Pride," replete with demanding lyrics, hushed chorus and a flurry of molten guitar leads that brought the floor and balcony dwellers to their feet wanting more of Will Kimbrough at Newport, Kentucky's Southgate House on December