Wilco, 9/29/11

The Cobb Energy Centre 
Atlanta, GA 
September 29, 2011 

On the heels of The Whole Love, Chicago based rock outfit Wilco forcefully rolled through Atlanta, playing two sold out nights at The Cobb Energy Center just north of downtown. This night, the second of the two, the show boasted many old favorites mixed in with new classics off the aforementioned recent studio effort.

Wordsmith Jeff Tweedy took the stage with the remainder of the band and began the show with an amazing version of “One Sunday Morning,” a track of music beauty from the new album that is not to be overlooked.

The show rolled on with more new material — including the opening track from The Whole Love–  followed by “…I Might.”

Upon the closing notes of “…I Might,” guitarist Nels Cline was handed a 1957 Les Paul Gold Top to play for the next tune.

As Tweedy approached the mic with a grin, he muttered some words that got the crowd buzzing. With a quick explanation, it was clear to the crowd…this was Duane Allman’s ’57 Gold Top –a guitar that has certainly been making the rounds lately– that was brought to Atlanta for these two shows, on loan from The Big House in Macon, GA.

You could almost see the hair on each of the band members arms stand up as the first notes of “Muzzle of Bees” were struck by Cline, and the passion spewing through the air was nothing short of momentary musically-driven surreality.

The show continued on with a few other appearances of the Gold Top including one in an incredible rendition of “Impossible Germany” that seemingly had every fan in the venue on the edge of their seats.

For an encore, Wilco opted to trudge on with the new>old formula that had worked for them the entire evening  by providing a blissful version of “California Stars” from the Mermaid Avenue album that Wilco released with Billy Bragg in 1998.

The double-rocker closer of “I Got You” and “OuttaSite” had the room out of their seats and screaming for more, but alas, the house lights came up and the show was but a memory.



One Sunday Morning,  Art of Almost, … I Might, Muzzle of Bees, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, One Wing, At Least That’s What You Said, Capital City, Misunderstood, Jesus, Etc., Born Alone, Box Full of Letters, War on War, Standing O, Rising Red Lung, Impossible Germany, Dawned on Me, Shot in the Arm, Whole Love, Cali Stars, Hate It Here, Walken, Red-Eyed & Blue, I Got You, OuttaSite


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