Widespread Panic, 12/31/11

Widespread Panic
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
December 31, 2011


After a trip to the west to close out 2010, it was only fitting that Widespread Panic brought things back east to close out 2011, a year for the history books for the Athens boys.

Just as anyone does, it is likely that the jam veterans take stock before the end of each year, and this year in particular was well-worthy of reflection. However, it wasn’t filled with only fond memories, perhaps the least fond being the loss of longtime equipment manager and friend, Garrie Vereen who passed away in February.

But just as Panic has proven in the past, they were survivors and rose up to continue hit the road in an effort to provide their faithful  with the satisfying sounds of which  — in their fans’ eyes — only they are are capable.

It was an extra-special year as well. The band did what few have been able to do when they celebrated their 25th anniversary over a two night run from Athens to Atlanta. They were celebrated by the Georgia House of Legislators  and were given the key to their native city.  Last but not least, they officially announced that they would indeed be going on a “hiatus.”

Honest Tune has been there for many of the year’s occurrences — through show coverage, interviews and announcements — in our attempt to keep in step with a year that was filled with special moments. Simply put, we knew that we needed to be there as they closed the whole thing out in Charlotte.


Setlist (Courtesy of Panic Stream)

I: Chilly Water > Imitation Leather Shoes > Mr Soul, Cotton Was King, Shut Up and Drive, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Saint Ex > Slippin’ Into Darkness*^ > Bust It Big* > Chest Fever*#

II: Henry Parsons Died, Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Coach^^, L.a.**, Degenerate#, C. Brown##, Blue Indian##, Ain’t Life Grand%##

III: NYE Countdown, Tall Boy*, Love and Happiness*^^, Tail Dragger*, Space Wrangler > Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Pigeons, Up All Night*, On Your Way Down*, You Should Be Glad*#

Encore: Disco > Surprise Valley > Pilgrims > Surprise Valley > Climb To Safety

NOTES: * Mega Blasters ~ Horns ; ^ Lopez on percussion ; # John Keane on guitar, ^^ LTP 11.20.09, ** W/ Randall Bramblett, ## John Keane on pedal steel, % JB mandolin; ^^ LTP 10.13.07; Set 2 ‘Acoustic Set’


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Click here to view photos from the show by Brad Kuntz

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