Widespread Panic, 10/31/10


Widespread Panic
UNO Lakefront Arena
New Orleans, LA
October 31, 2010

Having focused on song writing in recent years with much great success, Widespread Panic went back to basics on Halloween night in New Orleans. Through long and lumbering jams, a few bust-outs, and a lot of fun, Panic would remind fans of why they got hooked in the first place. They did so by showing once again that they are capable of delivering the down home and dirty Southern rock and roll that established their career. 

In keeping with a Halloween tradition, the stage was set as a Louisiana swamp-meets-Voodoo graveyard.  With Spanish moss draped everywhere, there was a large alligator on the lip of the stage coupled with crosses adorned with skulls the size of scarecrows to hold the spirits as bay; all while JoJo Hermann’s area was made up as an airboat just in case an escape was in order. The band joined in the act as JoJo Herman emerged as Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhies, Todd Nance as a miner (Chilean perhaps), Sunny Domingo as an oompa loompa, Dave Schools as a mack-daddy-gangster-or-pimp, Jimmy Herring as a scarecrow, and John Bell as half-man, half-woman split straight down the cross dressed middle.

The band came out swinging for the fence with Black Sabbath’s "Fairies Wear Boots" and kept the momentum moving forward throughout the first set. The delivered second set would prove to be just as satisfying as the first. It came complete with the first ever covers of The Kinks’ "Lola," The Black Keys’ "Strange Times,"  and "Bring it on Home" by Led Zeppelin.

To further solidify the fact that we were in New Orleans, The Dirty Dozen horn section, who had served as openers of the evening, rejoined the stage with Panic for a good chunk of the set and the triple encore.

Overall, the evening in its entirety was well played and done.  Now Panic, please keep it up.


Set I: Fairies Wear Boots > Big Wooly Mammoth > Inagoddadavida Jam > Worry, Machine > Barstools And Dreamers, Visiting Day, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Disco > Diner > Porch Song
Set II: Lola, Pilgrims > Tall Boy > Rock, *Swamp > *Use Me, Strange Times > Drums > **The Other One Jam > Jack, All Time Low, ***Bring It On Home
E: *Christmas Katie, *Superstition > *Fishwater

* with Members Of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
** with Terrence Higgins From The Dirty Dozen Brass Band On Percussion
*** with John Bell on harmonica

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