White Williams : Smoke

White_Williams_Smoke.jpgJoe Williams, at 23, has been a player in he music scene for some time with Girl Talk, among others on the electronic front. Now, he has secured his own place, releasing his first solo album, Smoke, a pool of recycled synth vamps, silicone guitars and lounge bump with a modest style that is easy on the ears – and the hips.

So why is White Williams successful on this new release, a slinky collection of throwback tracks boasting rub-a-dub guitars, sing-along harmonies and keyboard confetti, often peppered with bossanova beats? It is clearly in the elastic bounce Williams pulls from each composition, despite simple song structures and exorbitant sonic decoration.

This resurgence of yesterday – recalling the splendor of sliced cheese – is a refreshing ride and a reminder of what many of us reveled in two decades ago. But who can quell influences, particularly ones so well infused with the cheeky exuberance White Williams imparts with sure-spoken confidence.

Smoke is out now on Tigerbeat6 Records.