Webb Wilder : More Like Me

webb_wilder_more_like_me_200px.jpgWork hard. Rock hard. Eat hard. Sleep hard. Grow big. Wear glasses if you need ’em. This is the credo that Webb Wilder has been living by for over two decades.

It’s sound advice that is easy to understand. The questions of life are often complicated, yet the answers are simple. The self-proclaimed "Last of the Full Grown Men" has carved out a large niche in popular culture with his critically acclaimed indie films and a tireless musical touring schedule.

More Like Me is Wilder’s first collection of new material since 2005. The album has a raw early American rock and roll sound that combines influences from the Beatles ballads to the straight up power of the Rolling Stones. At the center of the album is Wilder’s ever present irreverent attitude and wit, which shines on songs like "She’s Not Romantic”: 

She’s not romantic, 
It wouldn’t do,
She might get frantic,
And come unglued.

Fans of Wilder’s fretwork need not worry. Songs like "She Said Yeah" and "Honky Tonkin’ (in Mississippi)" allow Webb to showcase his distinctive style of guitar work that can at once be on the precipice of a rock and roll rave, only to be dropped right in the middle of a hillbilly boogie blowout.

But it’s the songs like "Too Cool for Love" that first made me a Webb-head. The ballads timeless sound and Wilder’s southern sweet baritone voice cry out the questions that only a man lost in love can conjure up.

When you go through all your friends,
And you get there to the end,
What then?

More Like Me is sure to please Wilder’s devoted fa base, while making believers out of those new to one of the hardest working men on the big stage and big screen.

More Like Me is now available on Blind Pig Records.