Webb Wilder : Born to Be Wilder

Webb Wilder and his backing band, The Beatnecks, have been referred to in many ways, but the band streamlines it’s sound to rock out on the live release, Born to Be Wilder.


Produced by R.S. Field, Born to Be Wilder was originally conceived as a live DVD that was filmed at Workplay in Birmingham, Alabama, on August 19, 2005. But one listen to the tapes revealed a tight, smoldering unit at their peak, and Wilder, with Blind Pig Records, decided to unleash the disc instead.

A furious, frenzied cover of Joe Williams’ "Baby Please Don’t Go" finds Wilder interlocking guitar solos with Tony Bowles. "Stay Out of Automobiles" focuses in on the loose, swinging rhythm section of Tom Comet on bass and Jimmy Lester’s bold, pounding drum attack. Wilder also switches gears to play down-and-dirty country-pop on the winning, "You Might Be Lonely For a Reason." But, it’s his literary, punchy takes on "Tough It Out" and "One Taste of the Bait" that has won Wilder legions of fans across the country, and they won’t be disappointed by the aggressive clarity that Webb Wilder finds inside  his muse on Born to Be Wilder.

Born to Be Wilder is out now on Blind Pig Records.