We Were Promised Jetpacks : The Last Place You’ll Look


The Last Place You’ll Look, the new EP from Scottish guitar-pop rockers We Were Promised Jet Packs, serves as place-filler until they can take time from the road and get to work recording their second album, the follow up to their stunning debut, These Four Walls

The five-song EP features two reworked songs from the debut and three brand new tunes. The Last Place You’ll Look has ditched much of the over-the-top guitar and soaring choruses of These Four Walls, and is instead birthed from a quieter place; this stripped down approach allows the focus to be put squarely on the still developing songwriting talents of the young band. And while this is an interesting look into the structure and shape of the songs, it does not suit the extremely personal lyrics.

The Last Place You’ll Look finds the band getting away from their songwriting norm, and instead approaching the creation of this EP in an entirely different manner than their debut.  With a short two-week window to work, the band entered the studio with only the roughest of sketches of songs and ideas with which to start. The result is the sound of a band growing and discovering themselves as songwriters. This change in approach, with the writing and sound of The Last Place You’ll Look, should serve the band well as they finish up their U.S. tour and head back home to begin work on their second full-length album.

The Last Place You’ll Look is out now on Fat Cat Records.