Warren Haynes to auction off guitar for Mike Barnes’ wife

From mule.net

Donny Barnes, wife of Mike Barnes, has breast cancer and has had a bi-lateral mastectomy (removal).  She's undergoing chemo-therapy, and as you might guess, their bills are astronomical with very limited coverage.  Mike, as many of you know, is one of Warren's oldest and closest friends and has participated in many Christmas Jams through the years.  We will have several auctions in hope of at least partially covering their needs.  Any money left over will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

The first auction will be a Gibson Warren Haynes signature Les Paul (signed by WH).  This is a Gibson Custom Shop model, of which only 150 are being made.  For more info on the guitar go to www.gibson.com/warrenhaynes.  To bid on the guitar, head to www.muleauction.net.