Video: Looking Forward to the Weekend & moogfest 2011

With moogfest 2011 upon us, the buzz that surrounds the event is at peak levels. The folks at AC Entertainment promise that anybody who was at the event in 2010 will be  even more blown away this weekend by the experience than they were last. Well, we were there last year so we figured we would put in a call to our friend at AC, Jeff Cuellar, to let him fill us in on some of the details. And if Jeff is telling the truth — and he is a good guy so we will take him at his word — what will transpire this weekend by way of a lineup that boasts the likes of The Flaming Lips, Umphrey’s and Amon Tobin, coupled by the visual experience they have on tap, it seems that the aforementioned claim may just hold true.

 Looking forward to moogfest 2011