Velvet Truckstop

velvet-truckstop.jpgIf kissing the mountain air they breathe over in Black Mountain, North Carolina makes you sound anything like Velvet Truckstop lead singer Jamie Dose, then the air must be sweeter up there. 

Dose and his band of Black Mountain brethren have created a delightful mix of the typical jamband instrumentation, yet with a far from stale sound.


On their self-titled release, bassist Jerry McNeely finds the groove on “Mercenary Wind” and the band finds perfect harmony around his groundwork.  There is an obvious Widespread Panic influence in the guitars, but at this point the reality is that the Panic has influenced many in some way, so why should musicians have to hide it?  Regardless, there is enough original direction and talent to see something much larger than the band's influences coming thru in their play.     

Brad Curtioff handles the keyboard responsibilities, and does a mighty fine job of it.  Brad and the rhythm section of McNeely and drummer Chris “Fuzzy” Coomes certainly create a comfortable place for Dose and fellow guitar slinger Dorsey Parker to build on.  The more you listen to these North Carolina rockers the more you hear all types of influence.  Their song “Highway” is drenched with electric kool aid and sounds of the Grateful Dead.

The most defining element that sticks with you is that their music is just plain old good.  Something borrowed, something blue sometimes makes something brand new.  Check them out at

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