Vashti Bunyan : Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

Vashti_Bunyan_Some_Things.jpgMuch of the four decades since Vashti Bunyan released her first single – the Jagger/Richards-penned “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind ” – has been blanketed by obscurity. The early part of the 21st century has dissolved a bit of that haze, along with the help of Devendra Banhart who has name-dropped the folky numerous times when uncovering his own magic tricks to the press.

So, it would seem that the time is right to revisit Bunyan’s work, which is accomplished, with varying degrees of success, on Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967.Often as fleeting as her presence in the music scene after the period spotlighted on this two-disc set, these delicate compositions emerge through the wrinkles of restored acetate and demo recordings. Like mini-vignettes, Bunyan is adept at creating folk-fueled pop, barren and isolated, a lone voice pleading to deaf ears.

Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind essentially accomplishes the goal of such albums: it affirms the talent and heart of Bunyan, talent and heart that find their way through wispy presentation and the inherent distractions that plague the tape-vaults of near obscurity.

Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind is out now on DiCristina Records.