Various : Hallam Foe Original Soundtrack

hallam_foe.jpgThe acclaimed indie British Film “Mr. Foe” has a cordial companion in the Hallam Foe Original Soundtrack, one which has received a critical response that matches that of the film.

Hallam Foe is also a different approach to a score. Compiled by director David Mackenzie, the soundtrack does not ride the all-too-common orchestral accompaniment, but rather embraces pop and rock numbers from the Domino Records catalogue. Domino’s Laurence Bell and Jacqui Rice worked with Mackenzie on the soundtrack, which boasts one new track by Franz Ferdinand composed specifically for the movie – the stand-out “Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow.” Clinic’s jarring “If You Could Read Your Mind” and the lush, languid “I Hope You Get What You Want” by Woodbine are particularly powerful on a soundtrack that is atypically impressive.The Hallam Foe Original Soundtrack is a template that filmmakers should note, and one that record labels should aspire to achieve. If all movies utilized such a novel approach, film and music lovers would not only find new engagement, but may also find a new level of emotion in both film and song.

Hallam Foe Original Soundtrack is out now on Domino.