Various : AthFest 2010


AthFest is an annual celebration of Athens, Georgia music, one of the most fertile and consistent scene’s in the country. But this is no longer simply the music town that that R.E.M. and its peers fostered in the early ‘80s. Athens music has become a genre-bending community of bands and artists, a community that comes together each June to revel in the hometown spotlight.

This year’s AthFest will take place June 23-27 and boasts 163 performers, including Five Eight, Hope For Agoldensummer, Lemaster, Modern Skirts, and The Packway Handle Band, among others. To compliment the festival, Athfest releases an annual compilation disc, and this year’s selection of artists converge on AthFest 2010 and illuminate the range and versatility of the Athens scene, from William Tonks’ reverend, soulful “Allelujah (Cut the Strings),”to the  woozy hum  of  The Packway Handle Band’s “Outskirts,”  the 16 tracks paint Athens music just as it is: vivid, diverse, and inspTired.

Proceeds from the AthFest 2010 sales benefit AthFest, Inc. educational programs such as AthFest InSchool, AthFest AfterSchool and Keys for Kids.

AthFest 2010 is out now on Ghostmeat Records.