Various Artists: The Harlem Experiment

There is no doubt when Ropedope Records decides to put out one of its historic city releases, it does its homework. The long-awaited follow up to the underground smash The Detroit Experiment has finally dropped. Much like the original Philadelphia Experiment did for Philly, this album screams Harlem. 

Various_Harlem.jpgThe compilation of artists and material chosen for the album breathe with the rich musical history and attitude of the famous burrow, the most exciting being the hip-hop vibe and slamming groove of “Rigor Mortis.” Following suit is the Taj Mahal joint “Reefer Man” which exposes a more Latin-folk flavor.

Much like the cultural diversity of Harlem, the Experiment mashes up genres, styles and approach to offer familiar music in unfamiliar ways, much like the James Hunter take on “A Rose in Spanish Harlem” and Queen Esther’s “Think.”

 Chalk up another one for the indie label master, Ropeadope.  In fact, call this one a sure shot and run out and grab a piece of musical history. 


The Harlem Experiment is out October 30 on Ropeadope Records.