Umphrey’s shares “Moonlite” with STS9

Umphrey’s McGee/STS9
Moonlite Gardens
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 15, 2008

Chicago’s Umphrey’s McGee’s first visit to Cincinnati’s Coney Island on July 15 proved to be inspired timing, as they put on one of the best shows of the season with STS9.

Starting the evening in bold fashion, Santa Cruz, CA’s STS9 powered through "Aimlessly," relying heavily on guitarist Hunter Brown’s scaling fretwork. "Blu Mood" coalesced around bassist David Murphy’s booming bass lines. But, the set was anchored under drummer Zach Velmer’s wall of percussive bursts during "Be Nice." It was an awesome display to behold.

Umphrey’s McGee held the headlining spot at Moonlite Gardens, and they did not disappoint, pouring the Frank Zappa vibes into the storied facility on "Utopian Fir." Brendan Bayliss excelled on "Out of Order," yet it was the eerie connections on lead guitar and vocals that he shared with Jake Cinninger that highlighted the King Crimson sounding "Bright Lights > Search 4." The entire crowd was in ecstasy throughout, and UM delivered the finale with two mammoth treatments of "Hurt Bird Bath" and "40’s Theme." It was an exhilarating end to summer’s priceless pairing of Umphrey’s McGee and STS9.

 STS9 setlist: Aimlessly, Blu Mood, Be Nice, Empires, New Soma, Oh Little Brain, F. Word, From Now On, Rent, Peoples

  Umphrey’s McGee setlist: Utopian Fir, Out of Order, Bright Lights- Search 4, Hurt Bird Bath, 40’s Theme