Umphrey’s McGee, 9/7/11

Umphrey’s McGee
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
September 7, 2011




Less than a week from the launch of their new album, Death By Stereo (out 9/13), Umphrey’s McGee made a stop in NYC for an evening at the famed Brooklyn Bowl. Though the previous evening at the Bowl featured a guest appearance by Bob Weir (for Not Fade Away > Glory), this outing was no slouch and featured a first time played number in “Miami Virtue” that was only a part of a well structured and executed set. Photographer Vernon Webb was there to bring back some snaps for us.




I: Catshot, Wife Soup, Sociably Jimmy, Forks, Go To Hell, Wappy Sprayberry, I’ve Got A Feeling, Cemetery Walk
II: Cemetery Walk Part II*, Resolution, Hajimemshite, Miami Virtue**, JaJunk, Andy’s Last Beer, Plunger, I’m On Fire, Plunger
Encore: Fussy Dutchman, Waiting Room, The Song Remains The Same

*Preceded by Happy Birthday to club owner, Peter Shapiro **First Time Played

To download the soundboard recording of this show, click here.

To download an audience recording of this show, click here.


Click the thumbnail for photos From the Show by Vernon Webb