U-Melt : Perfect World


What’s better than home? The familiar sound of a ceiling fan that can put you to sleep; a couch where, if you wiggle just right, you can almost find your childhood bed.  So, what’s better than home? Simple, a new home. For U-Melt’s much overdue third studio album, the musical boundary has been stretched all the way to the Brooklyn borough and the home of the band’s self-constructed studio where it recorded its first  album on Harmonized Records.

Sticking with the theme of all things comfort, Perfect World finds songs that longtime fans have already bounced and spun around to on previous tours. The album contains 10 songs that have felt the dirt of the road, and the hallmarks of U-Melt’s sound are all there. The songwriting is strong, while the strange, unorthodox harmonies deliver the words with a flair that leaves you both shaking your head and your ass.

Much of the album finds the songs handed out like in the small theaters across the country, most easily stretching beyond the 10 minute mark. Yet it is the album’s namesake – a shorter ballad – that stopped me in my tracks. "Perfect World" finds everything you need in a U-Melt song. Drummer George Miller is  a voice for our brain to hear, while guitarist Rob Salzer adds a voice and guitar solo that strikes straight at the heart.

It has been almost four years since the plastic was unwrapped from a new U-Melt CD (in fact, many of us probably haven’t bought a physical disk since 2006). But since then, the group developed literally dozens of songs to choose from for Perfect World. There are obviously songs that certain fans will be disappointed didn’t make the cut. Yet in the end, they chose the right songs. This was my first voyage into the band’s music, and I was converted. I have since talked to fans who have followed the band for years and they, too, found something on this album to love. They told me if you like this album, you will like their live show. It’s simple. It’s like home, without my Mom and Dad reminding me why I moved four states away.

Perfect World is out now on Harmonized Records.