Two Gallants : Scenery of Farewell

Like many other rock-duo bands , the Two Gallants have stripped down their sound to its basic core. But unlike other rock duos who make up for their lack of instrumentation with sheer power –  heavy pounding drums and screaming guitars – they have taken a minimalist approach.  Instead of over-amplified aggression, Two Gallants let silences create power, providing an almost haunting atmosphere.

Since their inception in 2002, Adam Stephens (guitar) and Tyson Vogel (drums) have fused a ragged punk with their take on the Delta Blues, delivered with a folk-singer’s sense of story telling. The EP Scenery of Farewell enlarges this idea. It is a beautifully crafted, acoustic-based album that has an ethereal mood perfect for drinking alone, as Stephens sings on “Up the Country”, “Some cheap box wine to ease my pain.” 

With each song touching on the theme of loss and alienation, Two Gallants evoke a real sense of self-reflection with powerful, straightforward lyrics. Combined with Stephen’s wavering voice, which seems on the verge of breaking at any moment, it only serves to deepen the emotional toll of each song. Written while on the road during soundchecks and rehearsals, Scenery moves at a slightly less energetic pace than their previous releases. This is a tour through the band’s psyche; an intimate look into their pain and loneliness while on the road. 

One might assume that with so much loss on the album that it is unlistenable.  But Scenery of Farewell is a dark, deeply moving album that provokes a real sense of emotion.  Put this album on, grab a beer, open a bottle, or pour some wine, then sit back, listen, and drink alone.             


Scenery of Farewell is out now on Saddle Creek Records