Truth & Salvage Co. : Self-titled


Some bands toil for years and never find it – that one song, that one hook, that one collection of notes that can make the difference between toiling in relative obscurity and catching the attention of the masses.

It’s almost unfair, then, that Los Angeles (via North Carolina) based roots rockers Truth & Salvage Co. don’t have to venture past “Call Back,” the second track on their self-titled debut release, for it. With “Call Back,” Truth & Salvage Co. has penned a rock and roll gem, complete with catchy guitar riffs and an infectious, sing-along chorus. This song has the potential to become a radio hit and pluck the band from the log jam of deeply talented artists all clamoring for attention and drop it straight in front of a mainstream audience and widespread success.

Truth & Salvage Co.’s potential doesn’t end with “Call Back.” Indeed, there are many highlights on this record, each with its own distinct flavor. “Brothers, Sons, & Daughters” rolls with a lazy California vibe, “She Really Does It For Me” is rich with retro soul, and “101” is a country-tinged reminiscence of the band’s North Carolina roots. Perhaps the most startling tune – and the single biggest departure on the record – is the final track, “Pure Mountain Angel.” Beginning over a somber piano melody before rising to a guitar driven crescendo, the tune rings with stunning, almost reverential harmonies.

Quicker than most, Truth & Salvage Co. has found it. Do yourself a favor and take a listen so you can find out what it is. You’ll know it when you hear it.

  Truth & Salvage Co. is out now on Silver Arrow Records.