Trixie Whitley : Fourth Corner


Even though Fourth Corner is Trixie Whitley’s debut full-length album, she is no newcomer to the music scene. Growing up with a critically acclaimed musician father, the late Texas songwriter Chris Whitley, has obviously given Trixie the education and experience to release a record that is easily one of the best of the year. In a world that makes stars out of female artists like Lady GaGa and Ke$ha, it’s women like Whitley that show where the real talent and brilliance in music lies today.

The production is easily the greatest compliment to Fourth Corner. The sound completely captures and highlights Whitley’s smoky timbre and the mood of the songs. “Irene” kicks it off with a rolling bluesy riff that lets you know right up front what you’re about to experience. Easily the most beautiful and emotionally moving song here is “Breathe You In My Dreams.” If you want to know what finding true love sounds like, listen to this track. “Gradual Return” is another standout with its message of hope and redemption.

But the best part of Fourth Corner is that it leaves you wanting to hear more by Trixie Whitley.

Fourth Corner is out January 29 on Strong Blood Records.