Triple Coverage with North Mississippi Allstars’ Luther Dickinson: Contest, Interview/Performance, Photos


There is not much more of an Honest Tune than the North Mississippi Allstars. Whether playing as a duo or trio, Luther Dickinson and crew bring the Delta with them to wherever they find themselves.

Through each of their chosen instruments, Luther Dickinson on guitar and vocals, Cody Dickinson on drums, washboard and occasional guitar and Chris Chew on bass and backing vocals, the members of this now veteran ensemble play in a manner that literally transports its listener to the muddy waters that the boys grew up swimming in and from which so many have drawn musical influence.

So much about Luther is a result of his upbringing; his reverence for the blues forefathers, his innate ability to make any crowd, no matter the size, feel like  family and his constant desire to evolve in his craft.  He credits much of this to his father, Jim, who sadly passed on in 2009, a wound that at times, still seems quite fresh.

In his efforts to not grow stagnant, within the first half of this year alone, Dickinson will release two albums; a solo acoustic instrumental album, Hambone’s Meditations,  and an album with an entirely new project, The Wandering, featuring an eclectic cast of some of the greatest female talent — that many have never heard of –  in the south: Shannon McNally, Amy LaVere, Valerie June, and Sharde Thomas.


While on the scene at Chattanooga’s Track 29, Honest Tune’s David Shehi had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Luther. Over the course of the chilly day, they chatted about the Allstars, The Wandering, the solo stuff, vinyl collections and much more, walked around the Chattanooga Choo Choo Park to check out the trains and decided to stop at one so that Luther could debut a track from teh forthcoming solo album and played another  (as part of the Live Backstage & Unplugged series).

Furthermore, before they called it a wrap, shook hands and gave manly hugs all around, Luther also handed him a couple of nice little keepsakes to bring back for the Honest Tune readership.

So without further adieu, sit back as Honest Tune presents Triple Coverage with Luther Dickinson.


Exclusive Performance:

“Death Comes on Wings of Crepe”

On a Train with Luther Dickinson:

an Honest Tune Interview


Photo Gallery



North Mississippi Allstars (w/ Lightnin’ Malcolm)
Track 29
Chattanooga, TN
March 3, 2012



After spending a night in the tornado affected city of Nashville, the Allstars rolled into Chattanooga’s newest music venue, Track 29. Located in the heart of Chattanooga Choo Choo Park, Track 29 was the perfect host to both the Allstars sound as well as to a very supportive Chattanooga crowd — to the tune of about 1500 patrons.

After an opening set by Lightnin’ Malcolm, the brothers Dickinson (Cody and Luther) on respective drums/washboard and guitar/vocals and Chris Chew on bass, the Allstars ambled their way through a blistering set that was inclusive of nearly every gem that one longs for when heading out for an evening with the Delta blues trio.




Goin’ Down South > Shake, Shake your Boogie (With Nasty Boogie Woogie) > Someday Baby > Sugartown, I’d Love To Be A Hippie, New Orleans Walikin’ Dead, Goin’ Home, Sittin’ On Top Of The World > Drum Solo > My Babe, The Meeting, Keep The Devil Down, *Hear The Hills, #Moonshine, Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman > Drum Solo > Ho Down, I’m Crazy About You > Bang Bang Lulu, Mean Ol’ Wind Died Down, Rollin’ And Tumblin’

Encore: People Get Ready, @K.C. Jones (On the Road Again), ^+So Much Trouble In The World Today > ^All Night Long, Snake Drive

Notes: * Luther Dickinson solo acoustic, # Luther Dickinson & Chris Chew Duet, @ Lightnin’ Malcolm on Drums, ^ Lightnin’ Malcolm on Guitar & vocals
+ First time Played


Click HERE to download Zman‘s audience recording from the show.


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As even a causal reader knows, Honest Tune loves contests, and the more unique the item or prize, the better.

Well, this time we have two items two items that literally are one of a kind and are sure to make a nice addition to any music memorabilia collection.


What you are playing for…


1) One GRAND PRIZE winner will walk away with a one of a kind show used drum head from the 2012 North Mississippi Allstars winter tour that is signed by all three band members: Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson & Chris Chew. In addition, this same winner will receive a signed copy of Lightnin’ Malcolm’s latest CD, Renegade.

2) One FIRST PRIZE winner will walk away with a one of a kind show used drum head from the 2012 North Mississippi Allstars winter tour that is signed by all three band members: Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson & Chris Chew.


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