A brief rundown of Trey Anastasio’s symphonic tour opening in Atlanta


Last night, Trey Anastasio kicked off what will be a short run of symphony dates, similar to those that have taken place in the past. In a surreal setting that included Atlanta Symphony Orchestra season ticket holders amongst the Phish crowd, it was a sight to behold; but moreover, a sound. The night included orchestral arrangements of such Phish classics as “Guyute,” “Divided Sky” and “Stash” as well as Anastasio numbers, “Let Me Lie” and “First Tube.” The centerpiece was Anastasio’s most recent musical masterpiece, “Time Turns Elastic.”


In what was a very special moment, one very gutsy gentleman stood up on his seat during “If I Could” to propose to his love and was given a standing ovation when she said “yes” and subsequent dedication of “You Enjoy Myself” from Anastasio (video below). Congratulations Billy and Brooke!


Full review and more photos to come. Stay (Honest) tuned….