Trey Anastasio speaks at Drug Court Rally in D.C. (VIDEO)

1.jpgMany recall the disastrous toll that drugs once took on Phish front man Trey Anastasio. Quite frankly, his addiction to prescription painkillers nearly took it all from him. As he has described it, they took almost took his family, his freedom, his band and his life.

Then on December 15, 2006, Anastasio was stopped by law enforcement in Whitehall, NY and arrested for possession of various narcotics. In a totally un-Hollywood twist, Trey was treated with the same gloves that the average Joe Blow drug possessor is and was ordered into drug court and to perform standard community services.

In short, the arrest and subsequent court-ordered treatment saved his life. In 2009, Anastasio spoke before the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, (view that speech here) and gave a moving testimonial before a gathering of treatment professionals.

On Tuesday, in similar fashion, Trey showed up at a drug court rally in Washington, DC, to address a crowd and give a similar testimonial.