Trey Anastasio Band – Cinco de Treyo in Indy!

Trey Anastasio Band
The Old National Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana
May 5, 2017
Photographer/Writer: Tyler Muir

Trey Anastasio brought his band of renowned musicians with him to the Old National in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Friday to promote their new album, “Paper Wheels”. The new album, released three years after the last studio album, Traveler, added a breath of fresh air to the repertoire.

The stop in the tour in Indianapolis has become a regular for T.A.B, spanning almost two decades. It is a tradition celebrated by many midwest fans. This year fans were treated to their own T.A.B Cinco De Mayo which was cause for greater celebration! It did not take long once T.A.B took the stage for them to turn Cinco de Mayo into Cinco de Treyo.

Showing pride in the latest project the band started the night with, “Sometime After Sunset”, the song was perfect for setting the energy at full speed right out of the gate. The joy of the closeness on stage between band mates spilled into the audience and was embraced. The comfortable atmosphere of friendship brought the circle in tight. Trey, looking Pharaoh like with light spilling on his fiery mane, took a moment to apologize to the audience for not speaking Egyptian which paid homage to the historic room they occupied that evening, the Egyptian room.

Trey’s smile and humor makes everyone smile too, it just might be what keeps him young. Another thing that keeps him young it seems is staying up on new music from other bands and incorporating it into a T.A.B set with a T.A.B twist. “Feel it Still” by Portugal of the Man was the new song T.A.B chose to make their own this tour. Another bonus of a T.A.B show is we get to hear their version of classic Phish songs. First song of the night to give us that taste was, “Gotta Jibboo” with the band in his pocket they easily had all the Momma’s and the Poppa’s singing. The end of the first set saw, “First Tube” and for some it does not get much better. It was also a perfect prelude of what was to come and had everyone excited for the second set.

Mystery surrounded the first song of the second set, “Everything’s Right”. The uplifting new song by Anastasio and his long time collaborator Tom Marshall was left off the new T.A.B album but amazing nonetheless. When T.A.B. busted out, “Last Tube”, during the middle of the second set it sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The Indy crowd was fortunate to have what felt like a two song second set closer. Plasma which ended at just over the ten minute mark was encore worthy. In true T.A.B form they could not end the second set without doing a song that highlighted the band as the well oiled machine that it is, “Push on ‘til the Day,” gave everyone the up tempo, horns, dancing feet, happy Trey, drums and keys duet, with the bass slapping it all together like we know and love.

The band came back for the encore but first they held up a fan made sign for Jeff that recognized it was his birthday and everyone cheered and sang, “Happy Birthday.” Another cherishable moment followed when the band harmonized as one for, “The Parting Glass”, by the Wailin’ Jennys.

T.A.B does a great job in making sure each member can showcase their talent and range and in doing so it was Jennifer Hartswick’s time to shine. Jennifer put her trumpet down and took her mic with her for the last song of the evening. “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin allowed Jennifer to showcase her vocal range and it appeared Trey and her both enjoyed facing off with each other during most of the song. It is almost impossible to not have fun if you are within ear reach when those on stage have as much fun as T.A.B does. A few more years of Trey making his yearly appearance to Indianapolis and the city may just have to dedicate a day to his honor.