Trevor Hall : Trevor Hall

trevor_hall_self.jpgTrevor Hall’s eponymous release on Vanguard Records borrows from rap and reggae, yet consistently pushes forward to its own beat.

Hall, who spent his first 16 years on the coast of South Carolina, has perfected the beach rhythms inherent in much of Jack Johnson’s work. "Internal Heights" straddles the bridge between political and party, engrossing the listener with socially relevant lyrics and a catchy melodic framework. The jewel of Hall’s album is the whisper to a scream masterwork "The Lime Tree," in which the singer chants the opening line repeatedly to an acoustic based backing soundtrack.

Produced by Marshall Altman (Marc Broussard), this eponymous releases exposes Trevor Hall’s rare talent of mixing island vibrations into the greater context of the pop/rock world.  

Trevor Hall is out now on Vanguard Records.