Trevor Hall takes a moment with Honest Tune


Hope. This short word has the profundity of the leagues of the sea. In a world that sometimes seems to be on the brink of despair, artists like Trevor Hall remind us of all that is still beautiful. With wishful words about a Utopian atmosphere “where there is no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity,” Hall’s poetic abilities cue the spiritual core that is within and the resonance within listeners is deep, reflective, and weighty. Releasing his first album, Lace Up Your Shoes, only five years ago, Hall has not only made his mark on fans but on his artist peers as well. He spent the majority of his summer on the road with Jimmy Cliff and in the past has performed with other greats including Stevie Nicks, Ben Harper, Rusted Root, Michael Franti, and Matisyahu amongst others.


Trevor sat down with Honest Tune back in November of 2009. Now he was back to chat again prior to performances in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. Always candid, Hall doesn’t balk at any question whether in regards to spirituality or meeting fans. Have a look and listen as the video takes us not only through an interview but also through Hall’s live performances and the diversity that can be found therein.

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