Trevor Hall: Live, Backstage, Interviewed & Unplugged (Video)

A couple of weeks ago, Trevor Hall and company stopped in Birmingham.

Still reeling from the success of Everything Everytime Everywhere, the crew has been crisscrossing the country since the record was released last year.

As he is known to do, Honest Tune‘s David Shehi took full advantage of the rare southern Trevor appearance by spending the afternoon with the singer songwriter that writes in a manner that has always shown wisdom far beyond his years. The chorus in the second song in this segment alone — something that Trevor had thrown together on a whim only a couple of days previous — will sum it up Trevor’s abilities with a pen and paper…  “Sometimes I don’t feel at home / Like exodus in my own soul / And I want to return”

While sitting down in the dimly lit backstage area at WorkPlay, Shehi and Hall discuss songwriting, the new album and inspiration. Subsequently, Trevor was gracious enough to play a couple of tunes: E3‘s “The Mountain” and a tune that, at the time of this taping, had never been heard by an audience. Entitled “Promise Land” the track also features vocal backing from one of the most beautiful voices in reggae, Cas Haley.

So sit back, relax, listen, watch and enjoy as Honest Tune presents Live, Backstage & Unplugged with Trevor Hall… oh, and pardon the grainy footage, it was really dark back there, but it sounds fantastic.


 Trevor Hall: “The Mountain”


Trevor Hall feat. Cas Haley: “Promise Land”

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