Trevor Hall: From the Bus


Trevor Hall is a musician, a lyricist and a poet. But most important, he is a human being. This is the impression that his music leaves, of a young man with a depth of spirit that surpasses far beyond his age. The vibes created on stage with his “friends” Chris and Mario spill forth and emanate from the stage while leaving crowds smiling and tearing but moreover, feeling simply better about being themselves and about living in a sometimes troubled world.

Trevor took a break while touring with Matisyahu to fill us in on what he has been up to and to lend insight into his inspiration and the inspiration that he hopes to provide to others in artistic service.

In Hall’s lyrics, one can find hope that one day we may find true unity in a day and time when division continues to run deep. Through humility, Trevor is able to do something that one cannot try to do. What this something is simply cannot be defined with words- it is an emotion that must be felt each unto himself. 

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