Trampled Under Foot: Badlands

TUF_Badlands-CoverIf you know the names Susan Tedeschi or Brittany Howard, do yourselves a favor and make sure to know the name Danielle Schnebelen of the amazing Kansas City blues band, Trampled Under Foot. Danielle, along with Tedeschi and Howard, is one of the three High Priestesses of the Blues performing and recording today. In other words, Trampled Under Foot is a motherfrakker of a band and their new record, Badlands will show you why.

Danielle (bass/vocals) and her two brothers, Nick (guitars/vocals) and Kris (drums), make up this terrific trio. Not only has Nick won the Albert Lee Blues Guitar award but the whole band won the 2008 International Blues Challenge. So, it is no wonder that Badlands is one of the best blues albums of 2013. There isn’t a bad track on this record. From the first cut, “Bad, Bad Feeling” to the final cut, an incredible version of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s Man’s World”, TUF show that they are definitely an up and coming band on the scene who need and deserve to be seen and taken seriously.

Both siblings who sing have voices that pour through the songs like smokey honey. Nick’s guitar work is so stellar that it’s amazing that more people don’t know his name. If you can listen to songs like “Don’t Want No Woman” or “Down To The River” without tapping your foot along, you suck at music.