TR3, 11/22/08


New Daisy Theatre
Memphis, Tennessee
November 22, 2008

Tim Reynolds’ band, TR3 closed their fall tour in Memphis, Tennessee to a less than packed house at The New Daisy Theater.  Maybe the light showing was due to a popular local band playing the same evening nearby, or possibly Memphians are just plain dumb when it comes to figuring out that Tim is an extraordinary musician. Whatever the case, those who did get it were treated to another blistering Tim showing.

The guitarist came out in true Tim form by donning a set of purple glittery antennae and proceeded to scat a very spacey "Kabbalah." The crowd was then treated to "Sweet Spot" and a heavy feedback filled "Ohio." Tim then whipped out an incredibly forceful "Indoctrinate," which was definitely the highlight of the evening.

Fans who wanted to be up close and personal pressed against the stage, while others grabbed a piece of floor and kicked back. The Daisy provides a balcony section with theater seating, so there were those who enjoyed viewing the whole intense scene in comfort from above. No matter the choice, the sound and views were unobstructed and plentiful.

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