Toubab Krewe: A Worldly Blend


Toubab Krewe
The Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, North Carolina
June 12th, 2008

Heat radiated and sweat dripped as bodies grooved to the Afro-beat jams of Toubab Krewe on Thursday June 12th at the Neighborhood Theatre in the NODA district of Charlotte. High temperatures did little to deter both fans and the artist themselves, as the interchange of energy between the music and the audience created a full-blown, feel-good party vibe that held strong from the beginning of the show to the end.

toubab2.jpgHailing from Asheville, NC, Toubab Krewe is comprised of Drew Heller on guitar, Dave Pransky on bass, Teal Brown on drums, Luke Quaranta on percussion, and Justin Perkins on the kora and kamelengoni (21 and 12 stringed harp-lutes). Together, they fuse a mixture of West African and American musical themes to create a complex, vibrant sound with a highly infectious beat.

There are no lyrics, simply instrumental jams highlighting each separate musical component which combine in both planned melodies and improvisation. The music flows like water, continuously building in layers, and one cannot help but keep moving to the rhythm.

toubab1.jpg Of course being caught in such a trance meant that the ending of each song came abruptly, leaving the audience a little lost until the melody picked up again, in which case cheers rang out and the party quickly resumed.

Overall, Toubab Krewe represents a unique collaboration of captivating sounds, giving the audience an exhibition of instruments they likely haven’t heard of, combined with others that they are very familiar with, in an immensely fun, lively atmosphere that leaves listeners exhausted and elated, yet always ready for more

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