Toro y Moi : Causers of This


If you live in South Carolina – or have spent any amount of time there in the summer – then you know that Columbia is the hottest place in the state. It is Dante’s Inferno, palmetto style.

Columbia’s Toro y Moi (Chaz Bundick) has created his own pool party with Causers of This, his debut long player. It swirls with an aquatic,  refreshing cool spilling out through synthetic beats and lush, layered vocal harmonies. The soulful electronica is light; with a DYI approach and a vibrant flow, it is a veritable oasis amidst a barren music scene. Squirly synths (“You Hid”) and rippling waves (“Blessa”) pulse like a building ground swell, the waves peaking stylishly, but never breaking.

Causers of This is one of the more anticipated – and one of the best – albums released this year. If this is the sound of a Columbia summer, I am pleading for a heat wave.

Causers of This is out now on Carpark Records.