Topaz & Mudphonic : Music for Dorothy

topaz_and_mudhonic_dorothy.jpgTopaz McGarrigle, Bobby Perkins, Alex Marrero and John Branch comprise Topaz & Mudphonic, and their disc, Music For Dorothy, is a genuine head turner.

The result of many years of honing and re-approaching their music from a new direction, Topaz & Mudphonic finally got it right on Music For Dorothy. Unrelenting and downright nasty, the torrid foursome take off, slamming hard and jamming on the opener, "Lonely." Blissed out, raw and fuzzy, distorted vocals inject the blues frame of "Dirty Water." Bassist Perkins and guitarist Branch connect with devastating effects on the twisting rocker, "Take Yer Clothes Off."

A new entry to the updated chapter of blues explorers like Mofro, the Black Keys and North Mississippi Allstars, Topaz & Mudphonic hook the listener with slide guitar attacks, searing vocal treatments, and an interconnected groove that shakes and roars with abandon.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, and produced by the band and Craig Bock, Music For Dorothy simmers to a boil as McGarrigle and drummer Marrero lead to new improvisational discovery on "Fly W/Me." A new rock and roll voice from the West appears via music revolutionaries Topaz and Mudphonic on this blistering 2008 jewel.     

Music for Dorothy is out now on MOWO! Inc.