Tony Trischka Territory with Steve Martin

Tony Trischka Territory with Steve Martin
Mexicali Live
Teaneck, NJ
November 2, 2011


It always makes for a special evening when Steve Martin makes an appearance, banjo in tow. With his familiar face than spans generations — whether recalled from the Saturday Night Live, The Jerk, Planes, Trains and Automobiles or Father of the Bride era — audiences are always happy to see him. But the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is not only that he blends humor with music, but the fact that he can play; and he can do it damned well.

Martin, who has a true love for the banjo, was a perfect fit to show up with a man (Tony Trischka) who is a master of the instrument. Take this into consideration as you ponder Tony Trischka: he trained Bela Fleck.

Following a set by The Kind Buds,  Tony Trischka & Territory (with Steve Martin) — an ensemble whose latest release (Territory) has been hailed as one that “roams widely through the banjo’s creative terrain” — took over the stage and Vernon Webb was at the club to capture the evening through his lens.


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