Tom Petty: Highway Companion

Highway Companion returns Tom Petty to finish his trio of solo recordings that included Wildflowers and Full Moon Fever. Joining him once again on this journey is ELO mastermind and producer Jeff Lynne.   

Made to resemble the concept vinyl recordings of the 70's, Highway Companion does tell a story engaging Petty's youthful Florida days and dimensionally opposed aging wisdom and reflection. The power of pared down tunes like "Turn This Car Around" and "Saving Grace" lie in Lynne's ability to sit back and let Petty the composer take the wheel while gently adding Beatle-like embellishments to each track. Building towards the emotional finale of "Ankle Deep" and "The Golden Rose," Tom Petty's Highway Companion is a heady trip, and one that the listener is likely to rev up and take on the road more than once.