Tom Laverack : Cave Drawings

It is a rare occurrence when an tom_laverack_cave_drawings.jpgartist’s compositions frame a film project. But, that is just what has happened to former Just Desserts frontman Tom Laverack and his introspective marvel, Cave Drawings on Sojourn Records.

Three of Cave Drawings’ songs, "Precious Little," "No Shame," and "Running Out of Road," were used for Larry Fessenden’s feature, The Last Winter. "Precious Little," produced by Mark Ambrosino, stretches the vast, colorful musical landscape of Laverack’s mind with sharp, insightful, poetic lyricism. Bolstered by strong sidemen such as Jeff Langston (Antony and the Johnsons) and Marc Shulman (Suzanne Vega), Laverack finds the freedom and the flow in the breezy opening track, "Coney Island Heart." Slowing down with reflection, Laverack’s tools of description become the soft spoken prose of "Kickin’ Around." And, powering Cave Drawings’ rhythmic counterpoint, Ambrosino finds the catchy, simmering soulful stretches brewing inside of "Childhood Friend."

A deeply satisfying listen, Tom Laverack’s Cave Drawings rewards with each sublimely successive playing.     

Cave Drawings will be released January 22 on Sojourn Records.