Tokyo Police Club : Elephant Shell

tokyo_police_club_elephant_shell.jpgIn 28 minutes, Elephant Shell establishes Tokyo Police Club as the next big thing –  the band that is going to be on the tongue of every rock scribe with never ending hype and praise to the heavens.  Elephant Shell is a sharp statement from the band that only enlarges their seemingly endless potential first displayed on their all too-short-debut EP (only 16 minutes!). Tokyo Police Club has crafted eleven songs of gorgeously-snotty, in-your-face indie pop that, at most times, barely reach the two-minute mark.  But in those two minutes, they mold tunes that are catchy enough for your girlfriend to dig, yet abrasive enough that you can still feel cool listening to them.

That is until that hype reaches unbearable capacity and that bubble explodes in an angry backlash, laying all that is wrong in the rock world at the feet of the band.  Because the double-edged sword equation that is rock is clear; as indie-bands gain fame, they lose credibility and the apparent ability to write good songs.  And while that is the ugly truth we are forced to live with, (favorite bands are built to immeasurable heights, and then trashed when everyone finally gets it.) That’s OK, because Elephant Shell will get us through the day until the inevitable backlash takes hold. So listen now before that day arrives.

Elephant Shell is out now on Saddle Creek.